Never Give Up!

Faith Hepsibah, Jan 2013

From a firsthand experience of being through hurt and pain the victor’s mind is to never give up. The song comes to my mind “never give up, God is still on the throne.” I address every reader that no matter at what point of your life you are today, never give up! As the Bible says, the greatest book of all times, it is the Lord who leads us in a triumphal procession. Turning your scars into stars, your hurts into halos, and your tears into triumphs is the story of my life .The greater the test the greater the destiny is a proven fact that God has established in the lives of his children.

In order not to give up what should we do? Always look up, speak out and stand tall. I was captured by the sticker on a car riding in front of me saying  “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS.”  As children of the Almighty God we can stand and say “don’t mess with me!” Sickness you were already crucified on the cross of Calvary.  It’s a challenge for us to look up, when so much is happening around us. On this day after going through valleys of trials, the sure way out is to always look up to our Father in heaven, who never fails us.

Life’s greatest hurdles are overcome by looking up, which has become a pattern of my life from my childhood. Seized by polio at 10 years of age, I was healed in a few months purely by looking up to the Lord in prayer, speaking out the word of the Lord with faith as a child. I learned to stand for the ways of righteousness and justice as a youth and was used by God as a channel to minister to the university students. Great is the faithfulness of God to his people, he proved it time and again in my life as I stood as a young widow, not knowing how to face the world. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning for every situation and every circumstance.

God Comforts Us, not to become comfortable, but to be a comforter to others.   After my own healing, I was able to minister to other women and children who had physical and emotional scars arising from abuse.  I had the joy of seeing their lives changed into the beautiful children of God, he had created them to be.